Review from Chiff and Fipple

“It’s exactly the kind of flute I like, based on the larger side of Rudall & Rose, with a lot of power and great response. They’re very flexible flutes; they can be pushed hard, but also can be played very sweetly. I think Jay’s got a great sense of traditional Irish flute music, and builds his flutes so that you can knock a lot of tone and character out of them. Of course, intonation is spot on and the overall quality of work is top notch. These days, I see him whenever I’m in Asheville, and everything he’s making has continued to impress me.

I think Jay’s flutes have something that can sometimes get lost in modern flute making. They play like the best antiques I’ve played, with all the richness and color of tone those instruments have. As a maker, he’s got a great understanding of the different approaches that can be taken to playing the flute, which I expect will make him responsive to the needs of his individual customers as far as embouchure cut and voicing goes.”  -Will Woodson

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