IMG_6746 (2)Welcome to my site. If you have any questions or want to talk about wooden flutes, please use my contact information to get in touch.

My flutes are made entirely by me using the same manufacturing processes and craftsmanship as the originals. Keys are hand forged, reamers made in-house, all engraving done by hand, and so forth. I believe these techniques build a better flute, and they also give me greater control and the ability to customize to meet specific needs. In a sense, I’m preserving the techniques as well as the instruments.

My D flute is based on a Rudall and Rose design, characterized by an edgy tone, responsiveness, and power. This is a medium hole, medium bore flute. It has volume enough for a session, great sensitively and response, and is my preferred type of flute to play.

There is a Pratten model D flute in development. As of February 2021, reamers are made and prototypes are in production. This is based on a Boosey Pratten Perfected model, with tuning corrections for modern playing.

I’m now offering an Eb model, based off an ebonite flute made by Boosey from the late 1800’s. There are sound samples of this model, played by Nuala Kennedy, on the Audio page. This flute is a pleasure to play. Lots of power and very crisp ornamentation. Even easier to play than my Rudall D!

And stay tuned for a Bb model…

I offer flutes as keyless or up to 8 keys. My foot keys are perhaps the first offered to use Boehm style mechanism with wooden blocks, combining the function of the modern keywork with the look of the original flutes. I offer either left hand or right hand Bb touches, modified block configuration for piper’s grip, left hand flutes, and willing to explore any customized request.



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