The following audio files are examples of my flutes.

NEW – Here are a couple clips of my new Eb model played by Nuala Kennedy. She is a superb musician. If you want to hear more of Nuala, visit her site at

This video of my keyless blackwood and silver Rudall was played by Blaine Chastain at the Irish flute store ( He will occasionally have one of my flutes for sale. He also composed this tune. Check him out!!

Kevin Crawford – African Blackwood and silver 6-key, played in an outdoor breezeway at the Swannanoa Gathering.


The following tracks were played by Will Woodson (Portland, MA) on an African Blackwood 6-key. Will plays in the Northern Sligo style, which brings out some qualities in my flute design, namely the responsiveness, but also the quality of ornamentation and strength of the bottom D. Will is also a pipe maker and performer on both flute and pipes with the band Daymark. You can learn more about Will on his website, with links to recordings, tour schedule, and his pipemaking.


Here is an excerpt of a track from the new album by Loch and Keys ( You can hear the 6-key Mopani and Brass flute I made for Colin Shoemaker. Beautiful stuff.

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